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‘Are you going to ask me in?’ he replied, a cheeky smile forming on the edges of his lips. Then he leaned towards me conspiratorially. ‘We aren’t strangers, you know.’

Milly Benton wants it all to go away. Wants to flip the bird to the nightmares and her parent’s grief and the incessant questions about when she’s going to make something of herself.

But when her parents exile her to the country, Milly has to cope with her annoyingly helpful aunt and three cousins instead. Bitter at the hand she’s been dealt, Milly has stopped dreaming of a future.

In steps Jerome with his tormented blue eyes. Familiar from her childhood and as broken as she. They need each other. But how can they forget? 


My Review 

Reckless is an interesting story. First I need to give fair warning…if you’re not Australian the verbiage in the book might be a bit difficult to comprehend, but you catch on after time. I didn’t understand some of the slang, but I read the book and enjoyed it just fine. I did really enjoy the book, but it dragged a bit in the beginning. The story is about nineteen year old Milly. She’s suffered a terrible loss and it’s that loss that’s made her into a careless, reckless girl. I actually felt she was much more careless than reckless. She  has a terrible attitude and doesn’t hold herself accountable for anything. She blames everyone and everything else without ever really looking at the part she plays in the decisions she makes. The big problem I had with this story was her online interaction with a stranger, she shared photos and even allowed him to come visit and become a part of her life knowing very little about him. Her family just accepted it and didn’t intervene until much later. I felt like if I ever attempted anything like that under my parents household that would never fly but hey to each his own. It’s still an interesting read and made me think about how Milly really saw herself to allow some of the people she did into her life as easily as she did. The book gets really good halfway through. I know it seems like a lot to get through but I felt it was worth it. Milly is a very angry and lost individual. She’s having a terrible time adjusting and keeps finding trouble at every turn until her parents finally intervene sending her to live with her aunt until she can sort her shit out. This experience becomes the first of many life changing moments for Milly. This was a great read. I loved Jerome and his influence on Milly’s life. I loved her aunt and the boys and even Sheila. They all helped MIlly to make better decisions at some point or another. I won’t give too much away about Jerome because I feel like his role is one that might give too much of the storyline away. I recommend it for Mature Young Adult and New Adult fans.

About the Author 
Danielle Weiler loves all things written. She has her best story ideas in the middle of the night when there’s no chance to remember them the next day. Her first YA novel, Friendship on Fire, was published in 2011. Reckless is Danielle’s first novel for new adults. She has lived and taught high school in New South Wales and Victoria but prefers the sunny weather in Perth. She is kept company by her husband, son and naughty cat, Ginger. 
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