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Life may not turn out like we planned, but sometimes that’s what makes it perfect…

Hadley Foster has always been a planner. But, since the age of nineteen, things haven’t exactly gone according to plan… not at all. And the changes continue to mount when a trip to Europe with her best friend starts a domino effect in all aspects of her life. Suddenly, the future she had envisioned for herself seems unlikely to happen. It’s time to make a new plan… or accept the dominoes as they fall.

Jason Kelly has a great life. He’s a successful self-published writer who’s living his dreams. But, something is missing. Hadley Foster. Letting her slip through his fingers is one of his biggest regrets. Over time, he had to accept the idea of being without his first love as he watched her fall in love with someone else.

When circumstances bring Jason and Hadley back into one another’s lives, they’re forced to deal with their past, their present and the possibility of a future together.

**Note from the author: You do not need to read either Bouquet Toss or Champagne Toast to follow this story. It is a stand-alone book that connects to Champagne Toast. **


My Review

I loved this book. From start to finish Picturing Perfect is absolute perfection. This is a story that makes you reflect on your own life, your own decisions and all the choices that led you down the path you’ve taken. It makes you wonder if true love really does exist and if that love is strong enough to withstand whatever life throws your way. Is it ever too late? The author covered some very real subject matter but did so in a way that gave you hope. Simply put, this is an exceptional book. It is well written with a great storyline and truly lovable characters. The ending leaves you completely satiated. 

This book introduces you to twenty-two year old Hadley Foster with a bang…leaving you with a looming suspicion that everything in her world is about to change, the only question is will it be for the best? 

We are introduced to two men in her life – Tucker, her boyfriend of six years and Jason Kelly…the big brother of Hadley’s best friend Auden. Jason and Hadley have a complicated relationship. They’ve longed for one another but have never acted on their obvious attraction. The tension is almost palpable when these two are in a room together. Although Hadley is now in a relationship a run in with Jason stirs a lot of old feelings and it appears Jason’s feelings mirror her own. As things in Hadley’s life become rather…errr…complicated she must make some tough decisions as she realizes her mapped out plan has taken a bit of a detour. I loved every minute of this journey with Haddie. Although she endured some pretty rough times she came through it with ease and grace. This book is a great example of how life can take you on an unexpected journey but sometimes the outcome is far greater than even your wildest dreams. A must read for all romance and new adult fans. 

*This book is an ARC provided to me for free in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and comments are my own.*

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