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You guys know I spend most of my time reading and writing reviews on books I think are worth a read. Every now and again I come across something incredible, but too often than not I get books I just can’t get into or find are not well written. Now, I’m not here to bash anyone in particular. I won’t point fingers or throw names out. I just simply need to rant a little. I normally utilize this website for positive feedback, BUT I will not lie to you guys and say I love everything I read…you couldn’t pay me to do so. If something sucks…well, it just sucks and I won’t use my name to back something I consider shit. I am working on getting a list of full reviews together but as you know this is a long and tedious process that I hope to complete sometime soon. Now, if you want to see the good, the bad, and the ugly go to my Goodreads page for some examples. LOL.

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Here goes my rant

1. If you write a romance and your characters fall in love in the first chapter…I am done with you and your book most likely sucks.

2. If you spend the entire book writing cheesy cliche lines…your book definitely sucks.

3. If your book has the line, “I let out the breath I didn’t realize I was holding,” or something similar I will dislike your book for lack of creativity, but I honestly can’t say your book sucks because I’ve read a few great books that have had that line or something similar. I am just tired of reading those particular words. (see #2…yeah it bothers me that much!)

4. Develop your characters!!! Make them interesting and make the reader fall in love with them. If you move too quickly into the plot without allowing us time to get to know your characters and reasons we should love them, I’ll go out on a limb and say…your book probably sucks.

5. Why is every character good looking? I’m not saying that people want to read about not so good looking people, but come on not everyone is drop dead gorgeous! A hint of reality won’t hurt your book.

6. I’m a book whore so I enjoy smexy books, but come on let’s get a little substance with the storylines  If you’re strictly erotica, don’t claim to be a romance or contemporary book. I give credit where its due, but only if it fits the genre. If you have no story and all sex, but claim to be an erotica you are completely up front about your smut. I applaud you and will probably love your book. It’s the books that fool me into believing there is a good story behind it that unnerve me. Sometimes you just want a smutty read and that’s ok, but don’t make me think I’m in for the story of my life…it won’t work.

7. Grammar, grammar, grammar….no further explanation necessary…actually, get an editor to try and fix you’re horrible grammar. 

8. Laugh at yourself, accept constructive criticism and build on it. I’ve read some amazing books by some amazing authors, but I think everyone needs to be able to do this especially writers. Not everything is going to be a masterpiece, if someone gives constructive negative feedback, try to understand their point whether you believe it’s valid or not. 

9. Get creative, please stop making me read books that all sound the same. I need something fresh and unique. I’ve made a complaint already about how similar a lot of New Adult books are beginning to sound, I love the genre but so many stories have similar plots that it all seems the same at this point. 

10. To be continued at a later date…of my choosing 

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