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Book Cover ~ Disclosure of the Heart

 Publication Date:  November 5, 2013
Publisher:  OmniFic Publishing
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Sixteen years is a long time to wait for your true love to reappear, and, anyway, Nicki Johnson couldn’t wait for the impossible to happen. Hard life lessons have taught her that fairy tales are children’s stories, and fate is cruel. Burying her hopes, she’s spent the last sixteen years focused and driven toward her career, and it’s landed her with a job at the White House with a gem of a boyfriend. But when her high school love, Adam Kincaid, walks into the White House as a BBC reporter, Nicki’s world is thrown into turmoil as she relives their past. Adam has come back for her, but has he arrived too late? 



If you haven’t already read book Beside Your Heart (Book #1) I HIGHLY recommend checking it out first. This is a continuation of Book 1 and I would not recommend reading out of order as things fall into place and will make more sense if you read both.

This book is phenomenal. Months ago I read Beside Your Heart (book one of this series) and while many events that occurred in book one left me torn and heartbroken, I seriously loved the book and couldn’t put it down. Similarly, I find myself in the same boat with Disclosure of the Heart. In fact, I may even love this book more than the first, although it’s a pretty tough call…both books are incredible in their own right. I had some difficulty reading certain topics covered in this book, but that is merely a reflection of some personal things that have happened over the last few months in my own life. I empathized a great deal with the characters and their tragedies, it brought the story to life so much more for me. I was deeply moved by their stories and I honestly would be the first in line for a book 3 about Adam and Nicki! 

Their lives somehow come together when they met, they fell in love fast and hard, but it is with great difficulty that they must part ways. Each holding a special place in the others heart. No matter where they go in life they have never forgotten the other. This book skips sixteen years into present day. Both Nicki and Adam are grown and their lives are oddly in sync. Both work in some capacity for the government and they find themselves face to face after sixteen years and memories of promises they’d made. While Adam knows what he wants Nicki is torn between the life she’s built and the man who has held her heart for what feels like a lifetime. Can these two find a way back or is it too late to repair what was once broken? 

Nicki is in the midst of a booming career. Her boss is the President and while she loves what she does she never imagined Adam would work in such close proximity to her as a reporter for the BBC. Adam’s agenda is simple. He wants Nicki in any way he can get her, be it a friend or lover, he’s missed her and he’s determined to make things right. When the opportunity to work closely with Nicki appears, he jumps at the chance of seeing his old flame. He requests a transfer to the white house as a correspondent and things get interesting. This begins a very beautiful, very complicated romance. Has Nicki moved on completely or is she still head over heels in love with the one that got away?

I highly recommend both Beside Your Heart and Disclosure of the Heart, both books are incredible! There are a lot of political moments in Disclosure of the Heart, I actually really loved the direction the author took. This is an excellent follow up and a phenomenal series! I can’t wait for more. Grab this book ASAP. You won’t be sorry!

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*This book was an ARC provided to me for free in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and comments are my own.*

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About the Author

Even before she graduated from law school, Mary Whitney knew she wasn’t cut out to be a real lawyer. Drawn to politics, she’s spent her career as an organizer, lobbyist, and nonprofit executive. Nothing piques her interest more than a good political scandal or romance, and when she stumbled upon writing, she put the two together. A born Midwesterner, naturalized Texan, and transient resident of Washington, D.C., Mary now lives in Northern California with her two daughters and real lawyer husband.

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