Book Review: Sparrow by Sara Mack

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Release: October 2014

When Kyle Dayton was seventeen, he lost his heart to Addison Parks.
It was easy to do. After spending countless summers of boredom with his grandmother at Buhl Lake, Kyle’s world turned upside down the minute Addison appeared. She was unlike any girl he had ever met; she was confident, out-going, and honest. She was beautiful inside and out, and she accepted Kyle for who he was ~ a young man without direction. They shared an amazing summer and, despite living miles apart, Kyle felt sure they had a future.
Until she vanished without a trace.
Where did she go? How could she disappear without saying a word? Was everything between them a lie? Unable to answer his own questions, Kyle had no choice other than to bury his memories and move on with his life. Eight years later, his hard work to forget is threatened when he is forced to return to Buhl Lake. Faced with reminders of Addison, Kyle wonders if he will ever discover the truth.
Little does he know it is about to be revealed.
Sparrow is the story of finding love, losing it, and the uncertain journey to reclaiming it again.



Book Review 

This book review is long over due so I must apologize to you all and to Sara Mack because I’ve held it in the stash for far too long. This book is truly amazing. For those of you who are familiar with Sara Mack’s Guardian trilogy this work is unlike her earlier books, Sparrow took a completely different direction. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but I was completely blown away. It is incredibly difficult to write this review without giving too much of the story away. Sparrow is a standalone contemporary romance/new adult novel very different from the paranormal Guardian trilogy. However, this book displays Sara Mack’s multifaceted talent as a writer. I fell in love with this story and absorbed it like a sponge.  This book makes you feel, it makes you ache for a love that comes along once in a lifetime. It makes you question every obstacle, every situation and every path you take to find your way along life’s often confusing journey. It makes you believe in a love that is so powerful it can withstand the test of time. 


Kyle and Addison meet while they are teenagers at Buhl Lake. They are inseparable and develop a bond that seems unbreakable. The love these two have for one another as teenagers is incredibly moving. We watch the love between these two grow and expect a promising future.  But then Addison disappears without a trace and Kyle is devastated…I was devastated. How could she vanish? Eight years later Kyle finally learns the truth, but can he deal with the many challenges life has thrown his way and will he be able to forgive, move forward, and most of all find happiness. 
Kyle is an incredibly complex character. His story is often painful and you feel for him as though you are experiencing his loss, his pain, his love. His struggles and those of the other characters are often things someone can relate to in one way or another. I loved the way the story grabbed the reader’s attention and at times had you holding your breath. I feel such a strong love for Kyle and I loved that the book is in his POV. I mean come on who doesn’t love a good male protagonist? Although I’d love to delve into my feelings on Addison I’ll leave it up to you to decide how you feel about her. My fear is that if I did there would just be too much to give away, let’s just say I did ultimately love her character, she struggled as much as Kyle, but her battles were different in some ways. I’d love to read her perspective on many of the events that occurred in Sparrow. That would be interesting…wink, wink SARA….Ahem, not pressuring you or anything haha.


What I truly loved about this book is that the characters have depth, you can relate to them and you take the emotional journey with them.  You will find yourself hopeful that things will find a way to right themselves. It also makes you think, I mean serious life altering thoughts. I found myself wondering what I would do if I were in Kyle’s shoes or Addison’s, for that matter. Sparrow is well written and Sara Mack intrigues you with complex issues coupled with raw emotions and unpredictable outcomes. This is a beautiful story and I highly recommend this book to all readers. You won’t regret it.  


About the Author
Sara Mack is a Michigan native who grew up with her nose in books. She is a wife and a hockey mom on top of being trapped in a windowless office forty hours a week. Her spare time is spent one-clicking on Amazon and devouring books on her Kindle, cleaning up after her kids and two elderly cats, attempting to keep her flower garden alive, and, of course, writing. She has an unnatural affinity for dark chocolate, iced tea, and bacon. She is also the author of the Guardian Trilogy (Guardian, Allegiant, Reborn).
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