Hold On My Heart Book Review


*This book was an ARC provided to me for free in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and comments are my own.


To build a future, sometimes you have to tear down the past…

Chicago event planner Libby Hamilton can turn any bland setting into a dramatic venue – but when she abruptly loses her job, and her fair-weather boyfriend moves to another state, Libby suddenly finds herself back in the tiny town she grew up in. Worse than that, her father wants help transforming an old schoolhouse into a vintage ice cream parlor and Libby must trade in her power suits for power tools.

Widowed restoration specialist Tom Murphy can rebuild just about anything – except the shattered relationship he shares with his teenaged daughter. Hired by Libby’s father, Tom isn’t interested in sharing the details of his personal life with beautiful, spunky Libby. He just wants to get the job done. But she is tenacious – and sexy – and it doesn’t take long before she breaks down his walls, builds up his hope, and gets a hold on his heart that won’t let go.


This is actually my first Tracy Brogan book, but after reading Hold On My Heart…I know it will not be my last. This book is delightful, witty and heart-warming. The author’s descriptive language shows that she is truly a gifted writer. She pulled me into this small town world and I loved every minute of it.

We’re introduced to Libby in the first chapter. She is a woman who returns to her small town home after her corporate career abruptly comes to an end, all thanks to an email. Libby appears to be an accident-prone klutz, but something about her is endearing. Her retired father pulls her into his latest harebrained scheme — opening an old fashioned ice cream parlor. The author creates a vivid image of Libby’s quirky, sometimes comedic family but you love them nonetheless. Libby’s father hires Tom Murphy (who in my opinion is deliciously sexy) to restore his investment and Libby’s first encounter with Tom is rather amusing. Despite her embarrassing first impression, Libby’s curiosity gets the best of her.  Her interest in Tom grows while Tom resents his interest in Libby. She is loquacious and drives Tom mad but there is something about her he can’t shake. Slowly he begins to open up to her. While these two grapple with their feelings, you will undoubtedly root for their happy ever after.  This is a great summer read. I read it in one sitting. The story is realistic, well written and utterly charming. I highly recommend this to readers who enjoy a good romance with a dash of comedy.

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