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She awoke with no memory of who she was, but one clue will lead her to him…

Abigail Adams had it all, she’s a gorgeous supermodel, has a wealthy fiancé, and a career on the rise. But that quickly changes when she wakes up in the hospital not remembering anything. The only memories she does have are not her own, but of a total stranger.

When Abigail discovers that her fiancé has been cheating on her, she leaves him and runs to the arms of the one man she is hoping will give her the answers she seeks.

Matt Garcia is used to playing the field, keeping his heart guarded, but then Abigail Adams unexpectedly shows up at his door hoping he will be the answer she is looking for. Will he finally learn to take a break from his no strings attached lifestyle and show her that she doesn’t need her past, but the future he is willing to offer her?

With every unspoken memory she regains, will she learn to open up her heart to a total stranger, or will she keep it guarded like he does?


Review & Bonus Scene

Unspoken Memories has a unique concept. Initially I was like WTF, because of something I found a bit disturbing, BUT as I continued reading turns out my initial reaction while understandable wasn’t what I expected. I became entranced with this story and finished it in one sitting.

Abigail Adams wakes from a coma only to discover she has no idea who she is. Amnesia. Her memories are gone and while she has no idea who she is, her gut tells her to trust no one. She discovers she is a famous supermodel engaged to her agent. She has a feeling he may be cheating on her, but no solid proof. Her suspicions stem from a conversation she overheard while in a coma, so she keeps it at the back of her mind without accusing anyone. Not until she can gather something concrete. She believes her fiancé may not have her best interest at heart. All she remembers when she wakes up is a telephone number and she has no idea who it belongs to. With her memories gone and her gut telling her not to trust anyone, she hires a PI to get the information she so desperately seeks. This information will lead her to the one person who she believes can make sense of her life.

Matthew Garcia’s had a rough go of it. Losing his parents as a child and being raised by a sister who has recently deceased he is trying to pick up the pieces and finish school. He is a senior, co captain and quarterback for his university that has a new girl in his bed every day of the week. He parties hard and attaches himself to no one but his boys that is until Abigail shows up at his door.

I enjoyed the dynamic between characters in this book, but I felt due to the length of the novel some things were rushed or left unexplained. The friendship was excellent and I enjoy books that don’t jump from like to love in five seconds flat. There was a buildup and time spent getting to know one another which I appreciated. The ending left me wanting more and with a lot of questions, but knowing there will be a part two, I will reserve judgment, as I believe there is an incredible story to tell. Recommended for new adult fans.

Bonus Scene

I feel her stir, but I stay laying there, holding onto her, hoping she’ll go back to sleep because I really don’t want to let her go. She feels so good in my arms, exactly where I love having her. I normally get up before her and leave her alone in bed, not wanting to give in to my lust of taking her right there and then. This time I don’t think that’s going to happen unless she goes back to sleep because I’ve got a boner that isn’t blamed on a normal morning wood. Nope, it’s from knowing that I’m lying in bed with the most beautiful girl that has ever walked into my life.

After seeing just how sexy she looked last night, I’m surprised with myself for not taking her right there in the club. I was tempted, so damn tempted. Trust me, I was using every ounce of my will power to not take her right there on the fucking dance floor with all the body contact we had last night.

Feeling her stir again, I stay still as I hold her tighter. I start to slowly rub her back, hoping it will help put her back to sleep. She’d better go back to sleep or else I just might have to put an end to both our sexual frustration.

I feel her body tense up all of a sudden and I’m pretty sure she’s realized she’s not alone in bed. “Morning beautiful.” I whisper into her ear.

She rapidly sits up and even though I can’t see her face, I know she’s panicking right now. Then I start to take in her naked back; knowing just how silky smooth her skin feels against mine. I want to feel again. She finally turns around to look at me and I stare into her pretty eyes, the eyes that I fell in love with.

“What happened last night?” she asks me with a confused look on her face.

I sit up and wrap my arm around her waist to bring her body once again against mine. Tucking her head against my neck like she loves. I’ve known for a while that she likes it and I’m not complaining. I laugh, thinking about it.

“Calm down. You were passed out by the time I got out of the bathroom. I didn’t think it was fair to have to sleep on the couch when this bed is big enough for the both of us. Although, as usual, you do like to hog the covers.” I tell her.

“We didn’t do anything did we?” I could hear the hesitation in her voice when she says it.

Shit, if we had done something I would be just as excited, but unfortunately I was a very good boy last night. I don’t know if I could take it anymore though.

Wanting to feel her I start to rub my hands against her smooth skin again, rubbing her legs with my thumb. It’s the simplest of contact, but the heat of the touch as I make contact runs all the way up my hand. Satisfying me.

“As much as I would have loved to do something with you last night, I want to make sure we both remember, if it ever happens.” I tell her, not being to keep the want from my voice.

She surprises me by rubbing herself against my body and I feel her wetness against my leg. Making my cock strain to life. I close my eyes, trying to control the hunger I have for her right now. The only thing keeping me from spreading her legs and thrusting my hardened cock deep into her, making her scream my name is my fucking underwear. I knew when I fell asleep I had better leave them on, keeping a barrier between us.

“Abigail, you don’t know what you’re asking for right now.” I growl at her.

She starts to kiss the skin of my neck, fucking driving me insane. All the pent up sexual need I’ve had for her for the last couple of months is going to make me blow my load right now if I don’t get her under control.

Wanting to feel her, I stick my finger into her pussy, savoring just how warm and wet she is for me. Her moan alone is heaven as I spread her further with another finger.

“Damn, beautiful, you’re so wet and warm.” I whisper into her ear, wanting her to know just how much I love touching her.

Needing to take control, I pull my fingers from her pussy and throw her onto her back, straddling her body. I don’t usually do this, but with Abigail, I’ve come to learn everything is different. I’m staring down at her beautiful face, admiring how sexy she looks right now. Taking her hands and locking them above her head, making her beautiful breast thrust up towards me. Her whole body is like a feast for me. One I plan to take and devour very slowly.

As I run my hand down her body, feeling the heat radiating from it, it’s electrifying every nerve in my fingertips. I bring my mouth down to her ear to take it into my mouth, teasing it completely like she likes. Grabbing onto to her breast, I massage it slowly, wanting to enjoy the feel of her tender flesh.

“Matt please, I can’t take it any more.” She begs.

Knowing that if I don’t take it slow I might end up hurting her, I focus on her sweet little sounds she makes as I touch her body. Wanting to hear more, I move my mouth down her body. From her neck, to the valley of the breast, then finally taking a nipple into my mouth, sucking it with no boundaries. When I move onto the other, her moans increase, making me want more.

I feel her try to wiggle her way from under me, but I tighten my legs and keep her locked in place. Needing to move lower, I finally let go of her arms and make my way down her body. She lets out a giggle, reminding me that she’s ticklish. “I forgot that you’re ticklish.” I say to her as I look into her eyes.

Taking both of her hands, I hold them down at her sides to keep her from moving them along my body. The contact of her touch alone was not helping me keep control of my body. Wanting to taste her, I run my tongue along her stomach and her body taste so delicious. I can’t fucking wait to know just how sweet her juices are going to taste inside my mouth as I make her come.

“Matt, you in there fucker?” Trey yells, banging on the door. “Get the fuck up, we gotta go!”

“Fuck.” Abigail groans in frustration and I know exactly how she feels as my cock cries in desperation, knowing that I’m not going to get to finish what I started.

I chuckle at her reaction, “Sorry beautiful, I have to go.” I tell her, not knowing what else to say.

I quickly jump off the bed and search for my clothes, hoping the distraction will allow my cock to calm down. There’s no way I’m going to survive Trey mocking me if I walk out of here with a fucking boner.

I walk over to the door and take one last look at her, not able to resist myself. “See you at home beautiful.” I say, as I wink at her before I leave the bedroom.

The look on her face as I left hurt deep down inside of me. I walk away, realizing that Trey’s perfect timing is a blessing in disguise. There’s now way I would have been able to walk away from Abigail once I’ve entered her, which would have made me miss the flight home. As much as I need to blow my load, it’s just going to have to wait until I get back. Which couldn’t come fast enough.


About The Author

Gabbie Duran

Gabbie is a Southern California native, who currently lives in Washington with her wonderful husband, two amazing kids and a senior citizen kitty. When she’s not writing you can find her reading or sneaking off for a run. Some might say it’s a crazy life, but she wouldn’t change anything about it.

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